Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Matthew 5, 10 different things Jesus commands and demands of us if we are to live as disciples of Christ are included here--

1. Vs. 12--> Rejoice and be glad!!
2.Vs. 16--> Let your little light shine so that the Lord may be glorified!!
3. Vs. 20--> Be righteous!
4. Vs. 21-25--> Always reconcile with your brother and "come to terms with your accuser".
5. Vs. 28--> Do not commit adultry.. but it goes deeper than that. Adultry is defined as "looking with lustful intent." Keep your eyes and heart pure.
6. Vs.--> Do not divorce.
7. Vs. 33-37.. This one caught my eyes.--> "Do not take an oath at all.. Let what you say be simply Yes or no." Be men and woman of our words! Do not make vague promises or oaths, let our words be enough.
8. Vs. 38-42--> Turn the other cheek. Someone who asks you to go 1 mile, go 2.
9. Vs. 44-->Love your enemies and pray for them!
10. Vs. 48--> Be perfect.

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