Monday, January 31, 2011

I was asked to reflect on how my faith has impacted my studies here at ETBU! In knowing that I represent Christ in all that I do, this has encouraged me to work harder at my studies so that I may give Christ glory in all that I do, whether or not it be good or bad. Now to switch that around, my studies have also impacted and grown my faith! While I take tests, I am in constant communication with the Lord asking him to remind me answers that I have studied and give me wisdom with those I have not (lol!). In the end, if I have studied hard and spoken to the Lord throughout my whole test, He gets all the glory no matter if it is good or bad! It has been such an awesome experience to be able to give God the glory in it all! Such a little thing that has grown me tremendously. I also have been blessed with the priveledge to study religion here at ETBU, which has given me knowledge and deepened my faith.

I would say that my life could be deepened in the aspect of connecting a passionate pursuit and intellecual rigor for Christ. The Lord has given me a passion for Him that he deepens everyday through revealing himself to me but I need to gain more wisdom and intellect over the Bible, which I believe will come with time!

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