Monday, February 28, 2011


I thought this blog would be an easy one, but turns out this one is harder than I thought. We were asked to pick a story of some Christians who were being persecuted outside of the U.S., the story I chose is the link above.

This story talks about a group of Chrstians in Ji'nan, China. A group of Christians that met in tents for their church were attacked by a mob of over 200 people. According to 2 information officers, the mob was dressed in "police attire". Christians who were in the tents at this time called the emergency police number immediately but were in dispair once the police finally did show up and acted m0re as "bystanders" to the event. 16 Christians were seriously injured, included one permantly blinded.

This story is devestating. I think as a Christian in the United States, I forget how this freedom of believing in Jesus Christ is not world wide. The stories I read of what believers will do for their faith in Christ is so powerful. These people live not for anyone else but Christ, not even their government. This faith inspires me, deepens my faith. There is something about someone giving their life for Christ that strengthens your belief in him as well.

Sadly, I do not think there is much in Texas we can do to help this church except prayer. And lots of it! We are praying!

Monday, February 14, 2011


In studying the Baptist background, there is principls which I have found we should keep relevant today and for the future and 1 principle we should learn to re evaluate and change.
1. "The primary driving force for organization in Baptist life has been the cause of mission." In other words said by Johann Onchen, "Every Baptist is a missionary." This is a principle not only set for Baptists, but for every person who accepts Christ to reign over our lives. This principle is the driving force to all Christians.

2. The second principle we should re evaluate= "Many Baptists perfer unity instead of getting into real discussion". While unity is what we should strive for in a church, true unity can not be attained unless being real with each other in our lives and discussions is achieved.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Spiritual Gifts

I believe one of the spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed with me with is mercy.

[MERCY] can be defined as being sensitive towards those who are suffering so as to feel genuine sympathy with their misery.

Recently, a friend of mine began to struggle with something that happened to her this past week. She did not like talking about it and I was told to not talk to her about the subject. I was intimidated and thought that I could not show her mercy and be sensitive towards her about the subject because I was not able to really talk to her about it. What the Lord revealed to me is that just being there and showing grace and compassion is mercy in itself.. It is not necessary to talk about the issue, she will talk when the Lord urges her to. The Lord told me to wait and just show compassion towards her and mercy to sympathize in her suffering.

Affective time

I would like to use my time more affectively in the area of my studies. I would like to be able to study more affectively than I currently do. I can began to help this by studying throughout the day instead of having to work late at night then take naps during the day!

Power of Prayer

This week I was assigned to get up early and pray an hour before church started for the upcoming sermon and that people's hearts may be prepared and such. The experience was unbelievable and powerful. It was truely a blessing to sit and just come into the presence of the Lord and pray for everyone's hearts and the upcoming sermon. As I was kneeling before His throne, I literally felt the presence of the Lord. I felt him sitting next to me and listening as I talked to him. The funny thing was, he used my prayers to impact me later that day. Instead of seeing tons of people get saved that morning, His presence was real and apparant throughout my day Sunday. It was beautiful and powerful.