Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog 21

Abortion is an issue that alot of people don't like to touch. As christians, I think the person we should be ministering to is the mom! Remember that they are lost and broken just as we were before Christ, or maybe even they have Christ and need the reminder of who He is and how he does not judge. We should be doing the same! As the hands and feet of Christ, let's let our arms reach and feet start walking down this road with the moms!

As Christians, we have the best way to prevent abortion! Support and love of Jesus Christ! Through prayer, ministries, and just investing in relationships with these woman, we could change this. Be praying for this politcal controversary and that the love of Christ would shine through us to those who are lost and lonely!

Blog 19- Madame Guyon

"...and the wall fell down flat, so that people went up into the city every man straight before him and they captured the city." -Joshua 6:20

The passage I chose to pray over and read was Joshua 6. The Madam Guyon approach to reading this passage really allowed me to dig further into it. This story of the people of Isreal walking around a city for 7 days in order that the "walls may fall" is something I have always heard all growing up. In reading it deeper, I have realized this passage is so much more than a history lesson. There is great significance in it! It has taught me that the Lord asks us to do crazy things sometimes, yet they are apart of his plan! The Lord told his people to walk around Jericho 7 times for 7 days with 7 priests bearing 7 trumpets that they will blow on the final day. Then the Lord ordered them to shout with a great shout on the final day, and the walls came tumbling down!! How funny how the Lord works! Along with that, the Lord brings them a prositute to give them a safe place. How crazy he works all things together for good, even the craziest things he asks us to do!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog 18- Jeremy Taylor

Out of Jeremy Taylor's rules, the one that is easiest for me is rule number 16--> Do not constantly try to excuse all of your mistakes. Something that the Lord has blessed me with and has taught me over the years is to take responsibility for the mistakes I have made.

The rule that is the hardest for me is rule number 9--> Do not take pride in any praise given to you. When someone compliments me, I let that build my self confidence instead of letting God build it. Therefore, compliments in a way give me a little pride as opposed to me handing it all over to God and letting him build me up and be praised through the compliments I have been given.

Blog 17- John Calvin

"We are not our own, but the Lord's."

Crazy concept to grasp, huh? It is funny how God tells us one thing and the world screams the complete opposite. I feel like everything around me says to be my own person, stand up and make my own choices as a woman, to live for myself and to prosper myself. I am not my own. I think if we really grasped that, and im talking about REALLY grasping it to a point where we live it out, it would change alot. Our culture is so engraved into us to live for ourselves that it is normal, almost expected. It pushes us to conform to one way. For girls, that involves how I dress, how I look, and how I talk. I think it's settling. Settling for what culture thinks should be in comparison to how things could be. Man, what if we lived like we were not our own? How humbling that would be. My choices would change as to what I wear or how I care too much of how I look. It would have to be a denying myself everyday choice.

Blog 15- BGCT #2

The BGCT operates under 5 main areas including Evangelism/Missions, Education/Discipleship, Advocacy/Care, Partners and Church Resources. I will be discussing and going deeper into the area of Advocacy/Care.
There are many types of ministry under this area of BGCT. The first one is Chaplaincy Relations. Chaplains are there for people under times of emotional stress and turmoil. They walk with people through their hard times. In this ministry, these Chaplains go to where local ministers would not have access. There is a branch where the chaplains care goes to specialized settings such as healthcare, military, restorative justice, pastoral counseling, marketplace, crisis resiliency, public safety, and biker.
Another ministry is the Christian life commission. This ministry works with churches, communities, and the government to give voices to those who are often overlooked. It provides resources on ethical issues, religious liberty, prevention of substance abuse, hunger offering and many more.
The next ministry in the advocacy/care is the Community care ministry. Community Care reminds us that although Baptists are very mission minded for abroad countries, it is also a mission field in the community we live right now. It emphasizes in restorative justice and human trafficing.
Community Development is somewhat like Community Care. It is another branch of ministry in the advocacy/ care area of BGCT. This ministry is a reminder that ministering to people you see everyday can be the hardest ministry yet they need to know Christ as well.
Another ministry is the Counseling services. The counseling services offered at BGCT are for ministers and their families. There is a huge need for ministers to be able to get help and be held accountable. This ministry really encourages me. It is often overlooked that ministers are humans as well and can fall into what satan tempts them. Holding them accountable through counseling is a great way to keep satan out of the loop.
Lastly, the human care institutions is a great ministry. This ministry supports hospitals for medical care and institutions for old people

Blog 15- BGCT

For this blog assignment, our class was asked to go to and find an article to discuss. This website is an awesome way for Christians to find news that is uplifting and also honest about what is going on in the world. It was interesting to look around and read from a Christian view of what is happening.

The article I chose is about the new movie "Soul Surfer" which is located at:
The movie "Soul Surfer" is an inspritational movie that is impactful in a positive way. What I mean in a postivie way is that it draws people to Christ without "beating them over the head with a Bible." The article is an important way to get people to go watch the movie and support its cause. The family in "Soul Surfer" loves the Lord and trusts his plan and portrays it in a way that is fun and exciting. It is inspirtational to those who already know the Lord and can be a testimony to those who do not.

Blog 14- We are one!

In soccer, we always chant before every game "WE ARE ONE!" We say this because although we each play a different part, the team could not function correctly without one of those parts and win or lose, we are all still on the same team. My soccer team's chant reminds us of our unity on our team, it empowers us more to work together and play hard. Our team's bond is strong. As Christians, shouldn't our bond be so much more stronger? The link that holds us together as "one" is Jesus Christ.
Bonhoeffer reminds us that "Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ. No community is more or less than this."

As Christians, we are a community because of what Jesus Christ did. If Jesus did not die on the cross, we would have no connection other than we are both human beings. This connection the Lord created for us to have through Jesus is deep. A&M has a saying for their aggie spirit and community that says "from the outside looking in you can't understand it and from the inside looking out you can't explain it." As Christians, this is what our community almost feels like. We need each other because people who do not know Christ can not understand the bond that we have. God speaks to us through each other, cheers us on. It's a beautiful picture!

WE ARE ONE through Jesus Christ. Embrace it!!