Thursday, January 20, 2011

The commands for our lives given in the last post are what are demanded of us if we are to be disciples of Christ. Two commands that Christ gives that stuck out to me are--

(# 1): Vs. 44, love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you.
This command is so relevant to our lives! How many of us have enemies or people that persecute us? Sadly, pretty much all of us. But discipleship is loving those who do not love you back, for that is what Christ does for us. Refusing this command can cost someone seeing how Christ loves us or deny us of how God wants to use us in anothers life.

(#2): Vs. 33-37, Do not take an oath at all.. let what you say simply be yes or no.
What a powerful message! This convicts me to be a woman of my word. We should not have to make oaths or promises because people should know us for keeping our word without having to promise it! As Christians, our word should be enough! Just as Jesus' is! Not one time do I remember him taking an "oath", but keeping his word faithfully! Refusing this command can be costly as if we do not keep our words, it does not reflect Christ in the right way.

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