Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog 17- John Calvin

"We are not our own, but the Lord's."

Crazy concept to grasp, huh? It is funny how God tells us one thing and the world screams the complete opposite. I feel like everything around me says to be my own person, stand up and make my own choices as a woman, to live for myself and to prosper myself. I am not my own. I think if we really grasped that, and im talking about REALLY grasping it to a point where we live it out, it would change alot. Our culture is so engraved into us to live for ourselves that it is normal, almost expected. It pushes us to conform to one way. For girls, that involves how I dress, how I look, and how I talk. I think it's settling. Settling for what culture thinks should be in comparison to how things could be. Man, what if we lived like we were not our own? How humbling that would be. My choices would change as to what I wear or how I care too much of how I look. It would have to be a denying myself everyday choice.

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