Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog 15- BGCT #2

The BGCT operates under 5 main areas including Evangelism/Missions, Education/Discipleship, Advocacy/Care, Partners and Church Resources. I will be discussing and going deeper into the area of Advocacy/Care.
There are many types of ministry under this area of BGCT. The first one is Chaplaincy Relations. Chaplains are there for people under times of emotional stress and turmoil. They walk with people through their hard times. In this ministry, these Chaplains go to where local ministers would not have access. There is a branch where the chaplains care goes to specialized settings such as healthcare, military, restorative justice, pastoral counseling, marketplace, crisis resiliency, public safety, and biker.
Another ministry is the Christian life commission. This ministry works with churches, communities, and the government to give voices to those who are often overlooked. It provides resources on ethical issues, religious liberty, prevention of substance abuse, hunger offering and many more.
The next ministry in the advocacy/care is the Community care ministry. Community Care reminds us that although Baptists are very mission minded for abroad countries, it is also a mission field in the community we live right now. It emphasizes in restorative justice and human trafficing.
Community Development is somewhat like Community Care. It is another branch of ministry in the advocacy/ care area of BGCT. This ministry is a reminder that ministering to people you see everyday can be the hardest ministry yet they need to know Christ as well.
Another ministry is the Counseling services. The counseling services offered at BGCT are for ministers and their families. There is a huge need for ministers to be able to get help and be held accountable. This ministry really encourages me. It is often overlooked that ministers are humans as well and can fall into what satan tempts them. Holding them accountable through counseling is a great way to keep satan out of the loop.
Lastly, the human care institutions is a great ministry. This ministry supports hospitals for medical care and institutions for old people

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