Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog 15- BGCT

For this blog assignment, our class was asked to go to and find an article to discuss. This website is an awesome way for Christians to find news that is uplifting and also honest about what is going on in the world. It was interesting to look around and read from a Christian view of what is happening.

The article I chose is about the new movie "Soul Surfer" which is located at:
The movie "Soul Surfer" is an inspritational movie that is impactful in a positive way. What I mean in a postivie way is that it draws people to Christ without "beating them over the head with a Bible." The article is an important way to get people to go watch the movie and support its cause. The family in "Soul Surfer" loves the Lord and trusts his plan and portrays it in a way that is fun and exciting. It is inspirtational to those who already know the Lord and can be a testimony to those who do not.

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